Boobsville's Naughty Naturals 2






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You like the tits big, the girls nasty, and not an ounce of silicone anywhere? Then, this is the movie for you! Starring five big-boobed naturals in two hours of hardcore titty action. All the massaging, nipple sucking, swinging, hanging, bouncing, fondling of big tits you could ask for while they scream in ecstasy! Just imagine resting your head on these pillows tonight!
Clip 1 - 26 mins 44 secs

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Clip 2 - 22 mins 5 secs

Stars: Toi | Ron Hightower
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Clip 3 - 25 mins 36 secs

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Clip 4 - 29 mins 31 secs

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Clip 5 - 18 mins 44 secs

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Cast & Stars: Boobsville's Naughty Naturals 2

Comments on Boobsville's Naughty Naturals 2

Editor's Review

5 loops and 5 beautiful sets of big, natural boobs.

First we see a college student played by Dominique Torres offering sex to her professor (Don Fernando) so he will give her good grades. Her big "naturals" are "bursting" out of her halter top, but soon she is naked and rubbing her bald beaver, showing Don her very wet twat. She enthusiastically sucks his cock. In doggie and missionary we get nice views of her big, soft jugs jiggling and swaying. In cowgirl, her tits dangle in Don's face and he gently licks, sucks and caresses them. He tit-fucks her for a LONG time until he "spills his semen" onto her boobs. Dominique's sexual energy seemed kind of fake but Don was VERY happy to play with her and I just enjoyed looking at her tits.

Next, pretty, red-haired, black actress Toi plays with Ron Hightower. He seems fascinated by her tits as he gently squeezes them through her leotard, then slides his hand inside her clothing to gently squeeze them. She gently sucks his cock, then rubs baby oil on her "bigguns," wraps her tits around his cock and strokes his cock with her tits. The actor is rarely fully hard and the sex seems lacking in passion. In doggie, we get a beautiful view of her monstrous natural "milk sacks" dangling, touching the bed. In standing doggie, we get a view from beneath that displays her dangling "utters." Ron tit fucks her until he shoots a big, creamy cumload on her "fun bags." The editing was not good and occasionally we hear the director giving directions.

Sexy, red-haired plumper, Traci Burr visits a "bra salesman" played by Don Fernando. He measures her tits with a measuring tape- 43 inches. She unveils her big, BEAUTIFUL set of soft "creamy" bossoms. Don gently lifts them, holding them in the palms of his hands. Don has always demonstrated a gentle nature during sex. Here, he lovingly, caresses, kisses and licks Traci's big soft tits. In missionary, her tits look like big soft pillows. But, in scissors position, their arms hide our view of the boobs. Frequently, throughout MOST of this movie, the cameraman did not consider the boobs. So, he chooses positions or camera angles where we can't see the tits. In missionary, with her knees pulled towards her shoulders, her legs and Don's body completely hide her tits from us. But next, she rubs baby oil on her "jumbo jugs" and we are given Don's P.O.V. This view is HOT. Now, a LONG, sensual tit-fuck with the tip of Don's hard-on frequently penetrating her mouth. Then, a big cumshot in her "tit valley." She rubs the cum into her boobs.

Next, blonde Olivia DeVille manicures Don's fingernails and tells him about her "special" face massage. He is interested so she stands behind him, unveils her BIG, soft, creamy boobs and begins rubbing her boobs against the back of Don's neck. This looks REALLY sexy. I tried to imagine the feeling of her big, soft "cream bags" gently rubbing the back of my neck. Don then faces her and she gently massages his face with her big soft tits. WOW! This is very erotic. Next, Don lovingly licks, sucks and caresses her boobs. He spreads her hairy, blonde pussy to reveal that her pink is VERY wet. Their sex has passion, but again, the camera frequently looses the view of her wonderful tits.

The final scene is obviously filmed by a different director. The camera work and editing are perfect and we are given many beautiful shots of Titanic Toni stripping and teasing for her man. She kneels, takes out his cock and gently sucks while he gently fucks her face. Toni has the biggest natural tits in this movie. She playfully spills some wine on her boobs and licks them. She lovingly sucks his cock, wraps her monstrous tits around his dick and strokes his dick. Their sex is gentle, passionate, perfectly recorded by the camera. In doggie, we get a BEAUTIFUL close up of her big "milk sacks" swinging. Finally he cums on her boobs and she rubs the cum into her boobs. A beautiful scene.

Technically, this movie is very inconsistent, but the tits are beautiful.

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