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2021 Xbiz Award Winner for Vignette Movie of the Year

2021 AVN Award Winner for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene (sc.2)

Influence is a highly anticipated five-part anal debut of Elsa Jean. Freed from the restrictive relationship of her ex-boyfriend, Elsa, a famous Vxn Fans Influencer, has giant expectations for her new life in Los Angeles. Based on a suggestion from her most generous fan, the mysterious and affluent Dr. Wolf, Elsa is inspired to start living out her deepest fantasies - one by one. As her fantasies become more intricate, the good doctor offers to use his connections and resources to aid Elsa in her erotic journey. But as things progress, what Elsa initially brushed off as coincidence veers into the suspicious - she discovers there is a lot more than what meets the eye, or camera. Also starring, Emily Willis, Kayden Kross, and Ariana Marie, experience the first-hand real-life progression from Elsa’s anal debut all the way to full on passion with friends. This groundbreaking showcase is sure to leave an indelible mark on the adult industry for years to come. Witness Tushy's unwavering dedication to the art of anal sex in it’s highest form!
Clip 1 - 32 mins 20 secs

Influence Clip 1 00:06:40
Influence Clip 1 00:16:40
Influence Clip 1 00:22:20
Influence Clip 1 00:27:40
Influence Clip 1 00:31:20
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Clip 2 - 50 mins 12 secs

Influence Clip 2 00:42:40
Influence Clip 2 00:55:00
Influence Clip 2 00:59:40
Influence Clip 2 01:04:00
Influence Clip 2 01:18:40
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Clip 3 - 40 mins 13 secs

Influence Clip 3 01:28:00
Influence Clip 3 01:29:40
Influence Clip 3 01:39:00
Influence Clip 3 01:49:00
Influence Clip 3 01:59:00
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Clip 4 - 40 mins 56 secs

Influence Clip 4 02:07:40
Influence Clip 4 02:12:00
Influence Clip 4 02:23:00
Influence Clip 4 02:30:20
Influence Clip 4 02:35:00
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Clip 5 - 42 mins 0 secs

Influence Clip 5 02:50:40
Influence Clip 5 02:53:20
Influence Clip 5 03:11:00
Influence Clip 5 03:14:00
Influence Clip 5 03:16:00
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Comments on Influence

MrPickle says:
Elsa Jean really rocks that Black Bikini in scene 2.

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