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2021 AVN Award Winner for Best Group Sex Movie

"I have compromised him, I'll admit. I am compromising. And from that, he discovered compromise too."

What do you get for the man who has everything? On Valentine's day, she knows exactly what he craves above all else - she knows his taste.

When they get a body double for her close up shots, they didn't anticipate how intimate it would become. Cheating is not allowed, but when the temperature soars, there's little anyone can do to avoid it, and what follows is inevitable.

Dante can't keep his eyes off Haley when he visits a new gym to spar and her boyfriend is quick to notice. "Were you looking at her?" he asks. Dante dances around the question, careful of his word choice and fully unprepared for the couple's motives.

Clip 1 - 28 mins 10 secs

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Clip 2 - 40 mins 34 secs

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Clip 3 - 42 mins 45 secs

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Clip 4 - 46 mins 12 secs

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Comments on Excess

Randy696996 says:
Wow what a great porno Haley Reed is a new star to me. What a history and what a lover. Deeper.com and Kayden Kriss are making the hottest films and the camera work wonderful.

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