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Morgan Rain and her step-mother Katy Jayne are spending their last night together before Morgan heads off to college. There are still so many questions that Morgan has for Katy, she’s always been too nervous to bring up sex with her step-mom, but since this is her last night at home she decides it has to be now. Her friends have been talking about squirting lately, so she decided to check out some porn and when she was watching she got really wet. Katy explains that sometimes when a woman gets really excited she has a climax and at times you can squirt when you climax. Morgan asks Katy if she’s ever squirted before, to which Katy reluctantly says yes, she has. Excited by her response, Morgan begs her step-mom to show her how to squirt so she knows what to do when she goes off to college. Katy makes sure that this is really something Morgan wants to learn, and reminds her that she can’t mention any of this to her father or anyone for that matter. Once Morgan agrees, Katy explains that she’s only doing this because she wants her step-daughter to be a sexually fulfilled woman and know everything about her body. Will Katy be able to successfully teach Morgan how to squirt?

Bratty step-daughter Emily Willis never listens to what her step-mom Richelle asks her to do. Richelle has tried being nice but it never ends up getting her anywhere with Emily, she still treats her bad and constantly is responding with “you’re not even my real mom.” One day when Emily is going through her step-mom’s drawers to steal some money, she hears Richelle coming back to her room and hides under the bed. Richelle goes to her wallet and realizes she’s out of cash and instead of going to the ATM she places a call to one of her slaves to give her the money. Emily’s shocked that her step-mom is a dominatrix and calls her out on it but it doesn’t go as well as she had hoped. Richelle screams at her and tells her that her father knows everything, and it turns him on that all her clients are women. Emily tries to talk back but Richelle cuts her off and yells at her that if she wants to know about her step-mom’s part-time job then she’s going to show her and tells Emily to go downstairs and wait for her. When Richelle comes down the stairs she’s got a riding crop and a collar & leash, Emily doesn’t know what she’s got herself into.

Gianna Dior is tied up and begging for her father to give criminals whatever they want, she’s been stolen away. It turns out that her step-mother McKenzie is the “criminal” and they’re in it together to get extra cash out of Gianna’s father. While making the ransom video, McKenzie starts to get handsy with Gianna squeezing her breasts and rubbing between her legs. Gianna doesn’t really get why the criminal would be touching her everywhere but McKenzie tells her to listen to her mom, that’s what they do. McKenzie tells Gianna not to break character and starts filming again, this time rubbing and grabbing her even more. At one point Gianna asks her step-mom if she’s even still recording and McKenzie admits that she’s not. McKenzie is so turned on by the situation she can’t control herself but Gianna doesn’t mind, she says it feels really good and they both head upstairs. When they get upstairs Gianna’s a bit reluctant about hooking up with her step-mom. She’s worried that her father is going to find out about it, or he’s not going to believe that she was really stolen away, either way she doesn’t want to get in trouble. McKenzie tells her not to worry, no one’s going to find out, and then proceeds to help Gianna out of her clothes.

It’s always been a dream of Cherie Deville’s to have two grown daughters to love in a way a mother never should. To help her make this dream a reality, Cherie goes to a fortune teller to see if it’s in her future. The fortune teller somehow already knows Cherie’s name, and she also knows that she isn’t just here to get her fortune told. Cherie’s stunned that she knows so much about her but goes with it because she’s determined to make her dream come true. Not knowing how much to pay, Cherie keeps placing money in the fortune teller's hand until she finally snatches it away. In return, she gives Cherie a bottle of potion and tells her to drink it and all of her dreams and desires will come true. The fortune teller warns her that she must wait until her step-daughters are of age to consummate her lust or there will be major consequences. Cherie downs the bottle and then heads home to rest. As she rests, Cherie dreams of teaching her step-daughters how to put on make-up and celebrating birthdays, but when she wakes up it seems like nothing has changed….Or has it?

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