Office Spankings





Studio: Real Spanking Video
Approximate Running Time: 00:37:20
Released: 2002

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Leah and Kriss get soundly SPANKED by their manager at work, who is a gorgeous tall strict woman who allows NO NONSENSE at the office! These girls are spanked black and blue on their bare bottoms by hand, hairbrush, crop, and paddles, until they can't take any more!! You'll see real tears, sobbing, sulking, red butts, bruises, kicking, begging, apologizing, and lots of SCOLDING!! It's 45 minutes long, with a good story line, beautiful scenery, and beautiful spankable BUTTS getting what they deserve, LONG HARD SPANKINGS!! Another spanking masterpiece!!
Clip 1 - 14 mins 44 secs

Office Spankings Clip 1 00:00:40
Office Spankings Clip 1 00:10:00
Office Spankings Clip 1 00:10:40
Office Spankings Clip 1 00:13:40
Office Spankings Clip 1 00:14:40

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Clip 2 - 22 mins 34 secs

Office Spankings Clip 2 00:15:20
Office Spankings Clip 2 00:24:00
Office Spankings Clip 2 00:26:40
Office Spankings Clip 2 00:28:40
Office Spankings Clip 2 00:36:20

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Cast & Stars: Office Spankings

Comments on Office Spankings

j4soles says:
Amazing video! Leah getting spanked is the highlight for sure. She is petite and really cute, and it is so sexy to see the blonde woman towering over her and physically restraining her during a really blistering spanking. Leah is clearly feeling it and Im really surprised she wasnt crying like crazy from that spanking. Would love to see more of Leah and wondering how shes doing these days.

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