Working Girlz





Studio: Working Girl Video
Approximate Running Time: 01:57:34
Released: 2004

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Real dykes having real hard core, pussy-pounding, power-tool-wielding, soaking wet, hair-grabbing, ass-smacking hot sex!

Hot bosses and horny employees get nasty on the job! Sexy, sassy, steamy, nasty, real dyke-on-dyke action!

Zoe is a front desk femme fatale with a short skirt and a long lunch break! Sparks fly when butch boi bike messenger Buck arrives with a special delivery! Oral dildo, bondage, anal hard strap-on fucking!

Punk and horny starving artist Madison shows how hard she'll work when uptight artists' rep Aimee visits the studio. Nipple torment, spanking, multiple orgasms!!!

Bodaciously bourgeoise Trouble gets a penetrating lesson in home improvements from Nina, her raunchy, tattooed contractor! Double-ended dildo penetration and hot anal with a glass dildo!
Clip 1 - 37 mins 44 secs

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Working Girlz Clip 1 00:16:40
Working Girlz Clip 1 00:24:20
Working Girlz Clip 1 00:31:40
Working Girlz Clip 1 00:37:20
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Clip 2 - 43 mins 42 secs

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Clip 3 - 34 mins 33 secs

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Cast & Stars: Working Girlz

Comments on Working Girlz

Editor's Review

Holy dyke sex batman! I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this film; it's one of the first films I've seen that not only has real lesbians, but it also has women of all different types. I'm personally partial to the ladies with a little more of a butch side, so I really enjoyed seeing this film, in which two of the three vignettes featured butch-femme pairings. The first scene, between Nina and Trouble, was by far my favorite. Firstly, Nina is sizzling, and I also really liked the setting (hey, I'd definitely get it on in an abandoned warehouse or a house under construction), but most important was the vibe, and I don't mean the battery operated kind. The feel of this scene (and the rest of the film as well) is of two people, who are really attracted to each other, having hot, spontaneous, enjoyable sex. Definitely steamy! I also enjoyed the last scene, which featured an attractive, real-life couple, a little bondage, some nice strap-on sex, and fucking on top of the secretary's desk. A great movie, with more realistic dyke sex than I've seen in almost any other film, and the women are certainly hot. Top of my list! -Essin' Em

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